Friday 26 May 2017

Updates - part 2 (Teddy G)

This is Teddy's update; he has been here 8 weeks and is a lot less hairy than when he arrived, I am glad to say!

He had weak frogs which had most likely played a part in his lameness so its good to see that they are now much stronger than when he arrived. 

This has led to better development in the palmar hoof, as you can see from these shots. 

This is is worse foot but its growing quite quickly as you can see from comparing the change in angle in the dorsal wall. The stretched old toe is now completely gone. 

Teddy was landing toe first on this foot and is now heel first and has a much healthier foot. 
 He does however still have a stubborn central sulcus split on this foot which is slowly healing and which we are treating with derma-gel (thats the stuff you can see in the lower photo). 
On the whole though Teddy has done very well to improve his feet so much in such a relatively short space of time and I am hopeful he will have feet to be proud of very soon. 

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