Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Lenny's 2 week update

Lenny has been here just over 2 weeks and so here are his updated photos. Its very common for hoof wall to chip around the old nail holes so although the lower edge of his hoof looks untidy its not a cause for concern.
Out of shoes it is clear that this is a hoof whose balance will change considerably. His heels need to move further back to become more supportive of his limb and his whole hoof capsule needs to develop more structure medially. You can also see that his toe will shorten when he  has grown in enough new hoof capsule to have a better breakover.
Again, from this angle the lack of medial support is clear. I would expect to see the angles of the hoof wall straighten over the next few weeks as his foot strengthens.
Again there is some chipping here but its not an issue for Lenny. I am pleased that his hairline is already straighter and no longer collapsing towards the back of his foot - an encouraging sign that out of shoes his palmar hoof is more, not less supported. 
This is his more under-run foot so there are correspndingly bigger changes which Lenny needs to make. As well as more supportive heels he should develop better concavity over the next few weeks.
From this angle too some signs that his digital cushion is improving but lots more will need to change before Lenny's feet are as good as he can make them.

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