Wednesday 23 November 2016

Red's first 4 weeks

Red arrived nearly 4 weeks ago so I thought an update was in order especially as her owner is coming to see her at the weekend. 
You can already see the new angle her hoof capsule is growing at which  will result in a shorter toe and her nail holes are growing out well too. 

This foot looks a little strange at the moment as the toe is still long but that will shorten, as we could see in the previous photo, and her heels will also become stronger. 

A better palmar hoof with the hairline less distorted and the start of a better digital cushion. Red is not yet landing heel first on hard surfaces but I am hopeful this will develop shortly. 

As with the other foot, the long toe will shorten as her new hoof capsule grows in. 

This is a foot which is just beginning to change again but she is improving in the right places. 

As always, there will be more on Red soon.

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