Thursday, 27 October 2016

In and out of bar shoes - Joey's update

Like Ted yesterday, Joey arrived here just over 2 weeks ago and its time for an update. He came shod in bar shoes which had been advised in order to support his injured DDFT, as I blogged here
In that post I re-iterated my opinion that bar shoes do not, in fact, provide the support that vets often imagine they do and these photos I think show why. 
In the bar shoe the foot actually has a lot less support because the ground contact is limited to the shoe whereas now much more of his foot is in contact with the ground. 
Think of it like a mattress on a bed frame: are you likely to have a better night's sleep on a supportive mattress if it is only supported round the edge of the bed or if there are slats right across the bed from side to side?
Of course this is a weak foot with a poor palmar hoof and weak digital cushion but to me it already looks stronger out of its "supportive" shoe. 

The under-run heel and flat foot are also going to change  - again this will happen faster out of shoes. 

I don't know about you but to me this looks like a foot which is relieved to be out of a bar shoe.

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