Monday, 24 October 2016

"Advanced degenerative pathology" - Jake's feet

These photos belong to Jake who arrived a week ago  - apologies for the late posting, I am just not sure where last week went!
 Jake has been diagnosed on MRI with "severe and active" navicular bone changes and pathological changes to his fetlocks, worse on the LF, and has been given a "guarded" prognosis for return to athletic soundness.
Despite that, his feet are far from the worst we have seen and have many good points. He is landing toe first at the moment but is a cheerful and energetic little horse and I hope will make good progress.
Although these feet are a little unbalanced there is lots of well developed structure there already which I hope will allow Jake to bounce back now he is barefoot. 
The telltale collapse of the palmar hoof is clear from this angle and is confirmed both by the MRI and how he is landing but his feet look capable of a good recovery.
 As with the LF, his frogs are in reasonably good condition for a recently shod horse and we have lots to work with. More on Jake soon.


KateRose said...

Sounds like Jake is in good hands! Best of luck with the hoof rehab :)

Nic Barker said...

Thank you!