Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Zan's 5 week update

 Zan has been back here for 5 weeks so its time for his update.
 He arrived with fairly good feet and had maintained a heel first landing but what is  interesting is how much his frog and digital cushion have strengthened even so.
 His toe is also shortening and his foot is more supportive than it was on arrival as well.
 Zan came back here because he had developed a lameness in his RF which had not improved with shoeing. Although the upper photo is rather dark you can still see that his palmar foot is more developed now.
 ...which is confirmed from this angle as well.
Even in 5 weeks the nail holes are gone and he is well on the way to regrowing a better foot and, more importantly, he is much sounder than he was when he arrived and so far is improving week by week.

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