Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Hooves without heart-bars

Caymen is on his way home today so its time for his 12 week photos. He arrived in heart-bars, as regular blog readers will remember, and caused quite a sensation with his initial photos. 
Today its good to report that his feet are strengthening and developing well. You can see the angle of the new growth quite clearly in the top half of the hoof and his palmar hoof is much more supportive than it was in shoes. 
From this angle you can see how the palmar hoof has developed; this is how he has been able to go from a toe first to heel first landing. Ironically his foot has become much stronger without the "support" of the shoe.  
His foot is rebalancing and re-orientating and this process will continue as the  new, more balanced hoof grows down. 

Caymen is a great illustration of how feet can provide their own, much needed support, if only they are given the chance to improve. 


C-ingspots said...

That is a pretty amazing change! This is all so very interesting to me. Love the work and the research you're doing. I appreciate it so much, thanks for sharing.

Can you explain to me your thoughts on why it is alright for a horse to lose all (or most) of their hoof wall and that be ok? I'm just confused by that statement.

Nic Barker said...

Its not right for a horse to lose its hoof wall but it equally isn't right for a horse to load all its bodyweight onto hoof wall. Hoof wall has a purpose but being a pillar for a horse to stand and move on isn't one of them :-)