Thursday, 11 August 2016

This week's theme is grey eventers...

Following on from yesterday's update featuring Alfie, eventing 2 years down the line from rehab, today's blog shows a horse at the very beginning of his barefoot journey.
These feet belong to Deutz, a promising eventer who has been diagnosed with deep flexor tendon damage.
He has been shod until just before his arrival here, including in wedges and its up to us to try something different
Although Deutz's feet need to improve, as is clear from the distorted hairline and weak hoof wall, there is also lots to like about his feet.
He has reasonably good frogs and his digital cushion is better developed than many horses who come here.  On video he actually has a slight heel first landing already but is landing laterally on both front feet.
More on Deutz soon, and lets hope he does as well as the other grey eventers who have been here for rehab.

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