Monday, 4 July 2016

New horse, more bar shoes

These feet belong to Lucy, who arrived yesterday in remedial shoes as you can see. They had been on for 6 weeks and had been advised by her vet following a diagnosis on MRI of DDFT and navicular bursa damage.
Lucy was landing toe first in these shoes and also had a slight medio-lateral imbalance where she landed on the lateral edge of both front feet; she was landing heel first behind.
As is clear from this angle, her frog and digital cushion are underdeveloped and its this area we will be wanting to see improve over the next few weeks.
More of the same on this foot, which had the worse injuries on MRI; I expect the angle at the toe will change quite radically once she is out of shoes.
These are definitely rather sad little feet but as regular blog readers will know, we have seen a lot worse! More on Lucy soon.

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