Friday, 22 July 2016

2 and a half weeks

These are Lucy's updated photos since her arrival just over a fortnight ago. I will add her footage once I have uploaded it either later today or over the weekend.  
As is often the case, the most visually dramatic changes are in the solar shots. Bar shoes reduce sole stimulus almost completely so its not surprising that after a relatively short time out of shoes there are big changes. I wouldn't ask Lucy to do miles on tough terrain but she is already perfectly comfortable and capable for short periods.
 This is where most of the development needs to take place and its good to see some improvement already.
 From this angle the foot looks more collapsed at the back...
 ...but the photos from here tell a different story as the palmar hoof is clearly getting stronger. 
I am pleased with the changes Lucy has made so far and her footage is now up here:

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