Tuesday, 19 July 2016

More new feet

These feet are new but not so new. They belong to Zan who first came here in 2011 with a range of issues, including thin soles, poor medio-lateral balance and under-run heels - a summary of his progress at the time is here: http://rockleyfarm.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/horse-of-week-zan-flat-footed-thin.html.
He went home and did really well over the subsequent years, covering many miles and having many happy times with his owner Sarah.
Recently, however, he went lame on the RF - which was his problem foot back in 2011 as well. He was briefly shod, to see if shoes led to an improvement in the lameness (they didn't) and then came back down here.
What is great to see is that his feet are very much stronger and healthier than they were when I first met him and his landing is still heel first.
He does however seem to have lost his medio-lateral balance on the RF so that is, I suspect, what is responsible for his recent problem. I will of course post more on Zan over the next couple of weeks.

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