Thursday, 3 March 2016

Not rocket science

Is it me or this terrible weather or just the time of year? Three times in two days I have seen posts on social media from owners whose horses have suddenly gone sore. See if you can spot the connection.

"My horse has been barefoot for x years...He has suddenly gone lame after a trim..."

"I took my horse's shoes off 4 weeks ago. He was managing fine until a few days after his first trim..."

"I need some advice about my mare. I took her barefoot following a navicular diagnosis. She had her first barefoot trim and is extremely sore..."

Of course, at this time of year grass is something to be watchful of and for any horse good nutrition is the foundation for hoof health BUT we need to be logical too.
If a horse is fine until it is trimmed and nothing else has changed then it is probably the trim which has made the horse lame. 

Don't beat yourself up - we all make mistakes - but don't repeat the trim if its making your horse worse. I don't care how nice your trimmer or farrier is, how well they get on with your vet or what plausible phrases they use to convince you that a trim is necessary. When it comes to trimming the ends never justify the means.

If your trimmer and your horse don't agree on what a beneficial trim is, please believe your horse - you owe it to him.

The truth is that a trim should never leave a horse sore or less capable; a trim which does this is not fair on your horse and should not be done again.

PS: Any newcomers wondering about the photo...just search the blog for "celery"...


BruceA said...

It's really the only good use for celery.

Nic Barker said...

:-) Totally agree Bruce!

Unknown said...

I actually like celery!! Good blog btw Nic x

Nic Barker said...

Thanks Clare :-)