Friday, 11 March 2016

Finnick's 8 week update

This is Finnick's 8 week update. He arrived as one of the sounder horses among the current rehabs and there was lots to like about his feet already. 
If you compare the growth in the top third though you can see that his feet are growing in stronger; this will result in a shorter toe as well as the less under-run heel which you can already see.
This is a foot which is rebalancing medio-laterally - the old growth is at ground level and it will be another few months before the new hoof capsule is complete. 

His feet are developing more concavity and you can see from this angle how much rebalancing is going on. His frogs look if anything smaller in the new photos but that is mostly because his toe is shortening. Once the new growth is all the way down his foot will look more in proportion again. 

As with the other foot, the biggest change is the palmar hoof being less under-run. The angle of the new growth can be seen but is less dramatic on this foot. 

From this angle you can see that the frog and digital cushion are actually stronger now than they were. 
And the proof of the pudding - better movement when you compare his January footage...
 ...with his recent footage.

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