Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Josh's 8 week update

Slightly late, here is Josh's 8 week update. Given how flat and under-run his fronts were when he arrived I am pleased with how he has progressed so far. You can see the new angle of growth in the most recent photo, below, and how it is shortening his toe and bringing his heels back to where they should be. 

Like many ex-racehorses, Josh has an under-developed digital cushion; it is better now than it was when he arrived and now that his frog is getting stronger that will also help. 

Josh still has a lot of work to do but what I like about these photos is that the heels are slowly but surely moving back to be more supportive and less under-run. 

Again, the new angle of growth is clear, which will shorten his toe and bring back his heels as it grows down. 

Some encouraging changes in the frog on this foot too, and much more concavity is building as well. 

The business end - now working harder and all the better for it. 

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