Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Norman's 3 week update

I'm trying to crack on with the updates this week so here is Norman's. He arrived in bar shoes and these had helped to give him  heel first landing but he has maintained that well without shoes, I am pleased to say.

There are a lot of changes still to happen, of course, as he is only at an early stage of his rehab but its good to see his feet starting to look more balanced. 

The aim of bar shoes is generally to provide "support" to the back of the foot but in reality it removes almost all stimulus from the frog, as you can see. Out of shoes its a healthier looking foot!

This is his more unbalanced side and he arrived landing on the lateral heel on this foot.

As with Josh last week, you can see that the digital cushion is starting to work harder now that he is out of bar shoes. This should over time give him a stronger palmar hoof which will provide the support he needs internally - no need for bar shoes!

The beginnings of a more balanced foot and as his hooves grow in stronger the lateral landing should change as well. 

This is Norman's footage and you can compare his landings in the bar shoes and out. As you can see, he is heel first in both but there is a considerable lever effect as he lands in the bar shoes, which is something you often see with them. Personally I prefer his landings as they are now.  


Unknown said...

Nice to see the video, is he still as lame as he was in the shoes?

Unknown said...

Looks like he is still landing on the outside of his foot?

Unknown said...

Patience Natasha ;)
It is interesting comparing the landings in the shoes to bare, have always pondered with a wedge on that although you might generate heel first, the rest of the forces that follow in the foot and up the limb will be quite different to those when bare. Certainly nice improvement pics :)

Unknown said...

Its hard because 3 weeks feels like such a long time when he's not here! Three weeks goes quickly at home when you spend your life cleaning up after a horse on restricted rest.