Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Josh's update - landing changes

I posted Josh's update on Friday but hadn't managed to get his footage uploaded, so here it is now.

We saw some small but encouraging changes to his palmar hoof in the photos and that is confirmed in how he is landing. The original footage is particularly dark so I've grabbed some stills to make life a bit easier.
Firstly here is his worse - left - foot with his landing on day one above. By comparison he is landing better in his recent footage (below) and is happier to engage the back of the foot.

Its not an established heel first landing yet but its good progress, particularly as he has weak, under-run heels and a poor digital cushion. 
On his right foot he has managed to do as well, if not better, with a more definite heel first landing and a good improvement on what he showed us initially. 
I should add that I do normally try to film in the same place but the weather and very poor daylight this winter has meant I have had to abandon filming in the barn as there just isn't good enough visibility, even with additional lighting. 

The full footage is here for those who are interested: https://vimeo.com/153094014

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