Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Finnick's first photos

Another day, another new horse, this time an Irish sports horse called Finnick. I'm behind with uploading footage but he is landing flat and intermittently flips to a toe first landing on his LF.
To my eyes he has a medio-lateral imbalance which is borne out when you look at the caudal hoof but its not a terrible foot by any means.
Finnick is only 7 years old and was bought to event but has been diagnosed on MRI with pedal osteitis and navicular damage. He came out of shoes while his owner was waiting for him to come down here.
His age and the fact that his feet are reasonably strong and well developed are in his favour and it will be interesting to see how his feet rebalance during the course of his rehab.
Apologies for the blurred shots - Finnick is a charming boy but a fidget when it comes to hoof photos, and poor January light is also unhelpful...

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