Monday, 11 May 2015

They just don't stop!

Big congratulations to lots of the ex-rehab horses and their owners after another busy weekend!
The Blinged-Up Bullet Dodgers had another Team Quest outing and produced another brilliant performance - 2nd place and only 0.02 off first place. Well done Lucy and Fryday (above), Krista and Buddy and Emily and Indy - couldn't be more proud of you! 

Krista and Em also went XC schooling so I've borrowed this great shot of Em and Indy because its just too nice not to share. 
Sophie and Felix also had a pretty great time showjumping by the look of things...Eventing is next on the agenda for them too. 
And a final thumbs-up for Becca who took both Isla and Mango XC (while the rest of us were just sitting on our backsides watching Badminton). What's more she and Mango (who is not technically a rehab though Isla is!) have qualified for the regional finals for both British Dressage and British Eventing. The only question now is whether they will have time to fit in the rehabs' reunion as well?!

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