Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Lad's first 4 weeks

I ran out of time last week to post Lad's 4 week update photos but here they are finally. Lad arrived in shoes of course and its always interesting to compare the profile of the foot in and out of shoes. 
Out of shoes his toe has shortened and he actually has more support for his palmar hoof when you contrast where the branch of the shoe ended.
Sorry about the mud - he had been groomed but I grabbed these when he came in off the track for his tea. Again, a shorter toe and in fact a better hoof pastern axis than he had in shoes - which in my experience indicates an improving palmar hoof.

 These photos both show him on day 1 - in shoes and immediately after they had come off.
Today his foot is a lot different with a better frog and heels, healthier sole and less distortion at the quarters.

 As before, on day 1 and straight out of shoes...
...and 4 weeks later. Of course Lad's feet will carry on changing for at least the next 5 months or so as his new hoof capsule grows in. His heels need to come further back, for instance, and his bars need to strengthen but that will happen in due course. 

The most important changes are happening at the back of the foot, with improved digital cushion depth now he is able to land heel first. 

 Its a familiar theme of course on this blog but it never fails to thrill me when I see feet getting better!

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