Thursday, 28 May 2015

Flat TB feet

A new horse arrived yesterday and as usual her photos are going up on today's blog. She's different from the last few arrivals we have had (though very similar to many horses who have come here in the past) as she is a thoroughbred with classically flat feet.
Along with a weak palmar hoof come under-run heels and long toes - something which is extremely difficult to remedy with shoes.
She has a better frog than you might expect from the previous shots which is a very good sign.  
This is where the problems are of course - heels and digital cushion both under-developed but that is something I would expect to start changing fairly quickly. 
On MRI she was shown to have navicular and coffin bone changes, worse on the RF, and some navicular bursa inflammation. This in itself isn't surprising given the lack of structure in her palmar hoof but its encouraging that she has little soft tissue damage. 
Again, a flat foot though not quite as extreme as the RF. Once again her frog is cause for optimism as a functioning frog is an essential first step to improving feet!


Niki said...

Why do you think there is such a thing as "classically flat TB feet"?


Nic Barker said...

I used the phrase ironically Niki. Its "typically" IME due to very early shoeing, certainly in the case of racehorses. Diet often is a factor too. If you search for TB feet on this blog you will find many examples of great hooves so its certainly not a genetic issue.

Unknown said...

This could be beanies story!! Watching with interest