Friday, 28 November 2014

Goofy's 4 week update

Time for Goofy's comparison photos as he has been here 4 weeks already. His original post is here and gives some of his background history
 On this, his worse, foot he has a central sulcus split to contend with which, as you can see from his day 1 photo below, was quite deep. We have mostly got on top of the infection, I hope, and its starting to open up as he uses the palmar hoof more.
Its still a weak foot though I appreciate the mud in the recent photo doesn't help the comparisons - I had brushed it all off but Goofy managed to plaster himself in the short time before I got the photos...

The most interesting aspect of this shot is the much steeper angle of new growth coming in. His hair is hiding it a bit but above the bulge (an old abscess hole) at the top third of the hoof capsule is new growth which will bring his toe shorter and help support the palmar hoof too once its at ground level. 

Not as much change on this foot which was his better one anyway but a better frog and the beginning of better concavity. 

More mud - sorry again - but you can at least see that the digital cushion is less pinched (the hairline is more level) in the most recent photo. A good sign as it indicates it is becoming stronger. 

A shorter toe and from this angle too the hairline is more level. More on Goofy soon. 


Pat v d B said...

Do you not treat the deep central sulcus split in some way? One of my horses was returned to me with a very deep split (the leesee had not noticed it and his farrier had not mentioned it - the horse was wearing shoes) and I just put a drop of tea tree oil in it once a day and I couldn't believe how quickly it healed. Sure made him much more comfortable as I transitioned him to barefoot. Pat.

Nic Barker said...

I've used various things in the past but my current favourite is manuka honey :-)