Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Ernie's 4 week update

This is Ernie's slightly overdue 4 week update - in fact he came here at the beginning of October so its a little more than that but lets just go for it. 
These lateral shots are interesting because the line on his hoof wall gives you a good idea of the angle of growth. In the top inch or so of growth the line is at a much straighter angle than it is at ground level. This top inch is the angle of the new hoof capsule; project the growth at that angle all the way down and you should be able to see he will have a straighter, more supportive hoof in a few months' time. 
A much better frog and heel than he had a few weeks ago - encouraging progress. 

Confirmation of the better frog and digital cushion from this angle too. 

Again, contrasting the hairline in both shots gives a good idea of the angle the new hoof will grow at and the top section of new growth is again at a steeper, straighter angle. 

His central sulcus split hasn't completely healed but its a lot better than it was and is heading the right way. A better landing has helped to give more stimulus and promote healing. 

And finally the proof of the pudding - Ernie's comparison video. Not quite complete as a rogue memory card seems to have swallowed his original footage but you get the picture. 

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