Thursday, 6 November 2014

Belated Bogie

 I started to post Bogie's updated photos a couple of weeks ago but my old computer died before I could do more than get a couple of them uploaded.
Here is the second attempt, this time looking at his left front foot. Bogie had come out of shoes a few months before arriving here so his frog and heels already looked pretty good but he had long hoof wall at the toe and quarters and rather flat, weak soles. 
The long hoof wall is wearing away and he has straighter bars now. His heels have de-contracted a little more and his soles are looking tougher as well.
The shorter hoof wall is clear in these photos - there isn't a dramatic change in his digital cushion but his frog has beefed up. 

Again, nothing dramatic but a shorter toe which is good to see. I expect his palmar hoof to develop further over the next few weeks as well.                         

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