Monday, 21 July 2014

Welcome Wiggy

Thankfully my computer, satellite and camera all seem rejuvenated and I am able to resume normal blog service - what a relief!
 These feet belong to new boy Wiggy who arrived on Sunday. He is only 5 and is bred to event but his front feet have been his Achilles' heel and he has been diagnosed on MRI as having impar ligament damage with navicular bone changes and collateral ligament damage.
On arrival he was most uncomfortable on his RF, unwilling to stand square and taking weight of the RF/LH diagonal which is apparently a (recently) typical stance. 
Although his toe is long his foot is not badly under-run and he is landing flat rather than toe first which is encouraging.  He lands laterally on both front feet which commonly accompanies collateral ligament strain. 
Not a bad frog but the foot is clearly distorted and rather flat so we will be hoping for improvement both in appearance and landing soon.
There's a big difference in hoof wall and hairline heights between medial and lateral and this again is often a sign of collateral ligament stress. The bulging hoof wall isn't a good sign either but its been caught early so fingers crossed. 
A long toe but a stronger palmar hoof on his LF and lots to like about his feet, despite the obvious problems. 
 Meanwhile, there are more important things to be getting on with, clearly...

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