Friday, 4 July 2014

Columbo's latest update

A quick update on Columbo, simply because his owner Michelle and I are worried about how slowly he is progressing. Of course every horse is different and you can't dictate to them how fast they can go.

Equally its always a worry when a horse is still landing toe first after nearly 8 weeks and there comes a time when you begin to wonder whether they will ever improve.
Looking only at the lower photo, which I took yesterday, its not a great hoof. However I cheered up a bit when I looked at his original photo because despite the slow progress there is some progress. 
The caudal shots are equally revealing - a rather weak, pinched frog today (below) but, despite that, so much better than it was when he arrived especially when you look at the cracks and long heels he had on day one. This is why photos and videos are so important(!).
Its no wonder, perhaps, that he can't yet land heel first so please send lots of good vibes for Columbo and especially for his weedy right front foot. 

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dea i Campina said...

I know I'm just an unimportant little girl somewhere near the Baltic see, but I'm sure helping this horse and treating the frog infection would really speed things up. With time he probably might get there without any help, but I still just don't understand why he is left alone with it. Treating is not trimming, it doesn't do harm. Amish paradise?..

Not trimming - I understand. Not treating such a deep infection - I just don't get it.

I just feel sorry that I even don't deserve any explaination.