Thursday, 31 July 2014

Isle of Wight Alfie

 New boy Alfie arrived yesterday having travelled by road, ferry and road all the way from the Isle of Wight - not so many miles as the crow flies but a bit of an epic journey which began at 5am.
 He's had recurrent lameness and related back problems and came out of shoes in February but has since then only been turned away.
Pretty weak feet and some interesting balance issues. He is landing flat/toe first but has better medio-lateral balance than you might expect.
 As always, a relatively weak palmar hoof but as he has already had the benefit of being out of shoes for some months his heels and frog have de-contracted.
This is where we need to see improvement - more on Alfie soon.  He'll be called Alfie IOW on the blog to distinguish him from previous rehab Alfie the Morgan :-)

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