Sunday, 9 December 2012

On days like these...

 ...there is nowhere better to be than out hunting on Exmoor.
In deference to the fact that Andy and Charlie hadn't hunted since opening meet we had a short day yesterday but it was absolutely gorgeous. 
 The day began with an incredibly generous lawn meet which we hadn't expected (so I hadn't plaited - oops!) at which we all overdosed on hot roast potatoes, sandwiches, sausages and cake, not to mention port and whisky. 
 The Stig had his boys out and they were on blistering form. Watching them flying across the most impossible terrain so fast that you would think they were running on smooth, level turf just takes your breath away.
 Charlie was absolutely beside himself to be out again but remembered his manners and though he looked a trifle wild once or twice he was as always a very good boy :-)

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