Monday, 17 December 2012

Beano and Dave

You'll have to excuse the shortage of photos but the internet is on a go slow and so I've just added the bare minimum - a couple of updates for Susie and Cathy about their boys, Beano and Dave.
Beano has been here now for 2 weeks. He was already barefoot but with a relatively weak palmar hoof. I thought his feet would change even more rapidly than usual and here we have the proof - a much stronger frog already. 
With Dave, the update isn't so much about his feet, though I will get photos up as soon as I have a faster broadband connection. He is a huge horse - over 19hh - and is only young so its no surprise that he is very weak behind. One of the challenges with him, in addition to his feet, is to allow him to start building more muscle and better proprioception. 
I apologise for the darkness of these photos - a function of the time of year I am afraid - and the fact that I've chopped Dave's head off in the lower one, but I hope you can see that he gradually becoming a better shape and is putting on a bit of muscle, though lots more is needed!

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