Thursday, 20 December 2012

Best Christmas presents!

I haven't posted updates on any ex-rehabs for a while but lots of good news has come in over the last few weeks and good news about my "old boys" and "old girls" are the best Christmas presents I could wish for. 

I don't have photos, but there is good news on Thomas, who went home at the end of November - both his owner and vet are pleased with him and his physio has - for the first time - not had to give him any treatment. He's been working very well under saddle, Emily reports, and we all have high hopes for how he will get on next year. 
Roo, who went home in the summer is also on great form. Her owner has had to keep tight control of her diet, as she has proved to be sensitive to grass sugars but the Laminitis App has proved a useful way of keeping one step ahead of things and she is now going from strength to strength. Like Tom, her physio is very pleased with her - its always a good confirmation of comfortable feet if the rest of the body is loose and supple.  

Knightley has settled in very well with Cristina, where he has gone on loan, and Dexter - also on loan -is having an equally good time with Emma, in Oxfordshire. No photos, but I hope to have some after Christmas. 

Finally a lovely email from Debbie to say that Paddy is still thriving and is much happier now the grass in Suffolk has stopped growing! Its not the same everywhere, of course, and several owners had issues with high sugar levels when the grass was frosty so if the rain ever stops and the weather goes colder, do be careful :-)

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dreams579 said...

I haved bribed a friend to come and take photos over hols and do some jumps for me (eek!), so I promise there will be photos on their way!

of course, i might have to spend a week demudding him before you actually realise its him in the photos. honestly, he's turning into a right old mud monster! Has dropped and rolled right in the gateway (with calf deep mud!) the last couple of nights. I'm hoping last nights rain might have washed some of it off!