Friday, 16 November 2012

New dawn?

Yesterday's post was a letter to one sort of vet but today I am delighted to report that my latest contact is  - or will be - quite a different sort of vet.
The student I mentioned, who had got in touch, is putting together a final year research project and as well as looking at shod feet it will look at bare feet too. Of course I've said I am delighted to help in any way I can and its great to think that the Royal Veterinary College are throwing their (not inconsiderable) weight behind the drive for evidence-based veterinary medicine. This is great news, and more power to both of their arms!

This is a feel good Friday for another reason, too - there are 2 more exciting (well, to me anyway!) developments on the horizon - but I'll save news of them till later :-)


M's mum said...

Ooo, you teaser, you! :)

cptrayes said...

Just what I was going to write.


Neets Human said...

Exciting and here's hoping the evidence approach reaps its due rewards.

Interestingly the new BEVA president did a routine visit last week with us.. Teeth and Tetnus jab and was oogling our rather cool hooves when he wasn't staring into Neets massive gob.