Friday, 2 November 2012

Alfie and the bright lights

Alfie the Morgan seems to be fated to have dramatically ill-lit hoof pics. When he arrived a couple of weeks ago it was (genuinely) a bright, sunny day and when I took his initial hoof pics there were such strong shadows that even the barn floor looks melodramatic.
By contrast, I left his photos yesterday a smidegeon too late and the camera flash was going mad - I hate this time of year! Despite all that, I hope you can see quite a dramatic angle change.
Sole shots, and the same issue, I am afraid - glare in one shot and flash in the other - but again, I hope that you can still see the improvements. 
Alfie had quite nice feet in shoes - certainly not your typical "navicular" feet but MRI showed damage to the DDFT and impar ligament as well as bone changes and coffin joint arthritis. As always, its interesting to see how much stronger his hooves are becoming with no shoes and better stimulus. 
The caudal shots don't show such a dramatic change (though the lateral balance is better now than it was) but they give an interesting clue as to how feet load in shoes and out :-)
...and how desperate even a relatively healthy frog is have a more central function in loading the foot!

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