Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Eight weeks of hoof growth

Rolie has been here for 8 weeks and I took some new photos today which give an interesting illustration of how his hooves have been growing since he arrived. The red line is a growth ring which can still clearly be seen and is a useful marker - as is the green line which shows the nailholes (though those have now almost disappeared). 
What I find interesting is that Rolie was well shod and his foot didn't look particularly long in shoes. But in fact it was...
His sole shots are interesting too - because unlike many horses, he arrived here with a fairly healthy frog and digital cushion, as you can see once his bar shoes came off (below). 
Its already not a bad looking foot but compare where his heel buttresses are - a point about a quarter of the way in from the back of the frog. 
A few weeks later the base of support had moved back...
...and today its slightly better still. However the big change in this, most recent photo, is that the medio-lateral balance of his foot is altering - hard to spot from this angle but if you look closely you can see that there is less of a twist between his limb and his hoof. 
Its easier to see what I mean from this angle  - a more evenly loaded hoof and limb, though of course he has a way still to go. 

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