Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New feet and photo malfunctions!

New boy Alfie arrived last weekend and I didn't get the chance to put his photos on the blog last week. 
Alfie is a Morgan - a breed I've never come across in person before as they are relatively uncommon in the UK - and he has fairly tidy feet but a history of lameness and reluctance to go forward.   
MRI showed impar ligament and DDFT damage as well as some bone changes so now its over to us to see whether we can help Alfie get back on track. 
I tried to get some update photos today - its only a week but its always interesting to see the changes feet make soon out of shoes - but my faithful Panasonic Lumix is malfunctioning...It has been with me through hail, snow, rain, mud and many, many shots of hooves taken on the floor of the barn so I am hoping a bit of time off and TLC will sort it...

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