Saturday, 6 October 2012

Dali - onwards and upwards

I've posted before about Dali - he is a good example of a horse who improved tremendously while he was here. However because he had been lame for a very long time and had extensive bone damage as well as soft tissue injuries he was always going to need lots of ongoing work and dedication from his owner if he was to reach his full potential. 
Dali went home last month and Rachael had a tricky first few weeks sorting out her grazing and forage and balancing the work Dali needed with managing his diet and routine.

I'm glad to say that she seems to have succeeded brilliantly and now is not only out riding Dali but also re-training him to go bitless, which he obviously is enjoying too!

Very well done Rachael and Dali - a great reward for all your efforts :-)

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