Monday, 29 October 2012

Four weeks for Rocky

Rocky, who is a Selle Francais, has - like Thomas Two - been here for 4 weeks so today its his update. He arrived out of shoes, purely because he pulled his bar shoes off a day or so before he came down to Rockley.
On MRI he had damage to fibrocartilage and the navicular bursa, DDFT and impar ligament damage. He'd been diagnosed as 2-3/10 lame on a circle and steroid injections and remedial farriery had not improved him. The upper photos of each set show him on arrival and the lower set after 4 weeks. 
His long toes are shorter than they were and there is a good angle of new growth - it won't be much longer before the nail holes are grown down and there is also going to be a big change in his medio-lateral balance though that's not visible from this angle.
The sole shot gives you a hint about the changes in foot balance but they are only just beginning to occur.
Rocky already had a much healthier palmar hoof than many horses when they arrive here, which makes the findings of DDFT and impar ligament damage more surprising. 
From this angle too it appears as if the foot is becoming more symmetrical - draw a line through the digital cushion and the more recent, lower shot is more balanced than the top photo, even given the slightly different angles of the photos.

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