Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sweet Georgia Brown

New girl Georgia arrived yesterday - she's not really called Georgia Brown but as she is bay with an Exmoor pony style mealy muzzle (despite being a TB) the title seems appropriate!
She arrived in wedges and it was quite difficult to see what her feet were really like.  
However on MRI she had DDFT damage to the RF  - her worst leg (pictured above) - and collateral ligament damage to the LF  (pictured below) with bilateral fibrocartilage erosion. 
The wedged shoes also make her feet very elongated.  To me the LF looks more out of balance, when you compare the shots of the lateral cartilages and digital cushions on both feet, and this would explain the collateral ligament damage which was apparent on the LF.  
Georgia has been assessed by her vet as 2-3/10 lame bilaterally and I am hoping we can help her make some good changes to her feet as she is only young and should by rights have a bright future ahead of her. 
The shoes and pads had us a bit worried that her frogs would be weak and thrushy, but happily once they came off... 
everything was reasonably OK underneath, just a bit weak and flat. 
Georgia was finding her shoes very uncomfortable, which was one of the main reasons her owner wanted to try rehab here with her.  She was fidgeting constantly from one foot to the other and although the wedges had given her a heel first landing in front, she was walking rather as if she had clogs on and sliding her feet behind.  You can just about see in this clip that she is landing laterally on her LF though its more obvious from the front. 
More on her soon...

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jenj said...

Goodness, the poor thing - at least her feet look reasonable under all that. Fingers crossed that she'll make rapid improvements!