Thursday, 9 February 2012

All go, all good!

 Hurried, short and late blog today, but there will be a good one up tomorrow, I promise :-)

Its all change round here, as Solar has made it home and has been replaced by Buster, a cob with the thickest tail in the whole wide world - his footage and pics will be here tomorrow so apologies to Jenny and family that I haven't managed to get them up today...

The reason for that was Thomas going home - which was due to happen on Friday but with a severe weather forecast for tonight and the next few days, it had to be brought forward to today.  Very unfortunately Sophie, his owner, isn't well so he has gone to stay with Mel and the gorgeous Oscar in very sunny Dorset.
I'd never been to Cattistock before but its the most beautiful place and bathed in winter sunshine looked marvellous.  Oscar was keen to show off posh trotting to his new friend and Thomas decided he wouldn't be outdone!  Mel and I had a relaxing coffee, watching them get to know each other, then it was hit the road and get back to Exmoor before the snow comes in!
One more bit of nice news - following my update on Ted I had an encouraging email from his vet:

"I agree the angle of growth at the proximal toe area is encouraging. 

Although there is still an obvious splaying of his walls I am impressed by the improvement of his medio lateral hoof imbalance. It is also encouraging to see him landing heel first."

A great note on which to finish ;-)  More tomorrow...


jenj said...

Uh-oh, a pony named Buster? Sounds like the other residents are in for a time of it!

I hope you weather the incoming storm well and it's less severe than predicted. Stay warm!

Sophie L. Baker said...

Good to see he's settling in well (home is where the hay is obviously). His coat looks smashing! Thank you so much for all your help Nic, hopefully we'll both end up back on our feet soon =)

Charlotte B said...

Great comments from the vet!

Hope your snow isn't as bad as forecast. I am wondering if at this rate we'll hunt again this season!

Nic Barker said...

Sophie, home is definitely where the hay is, and I was so pleased with how fast he settled - he and Oscar are going to be great mates :-)

Charlotte - its a nightmare - our 2nd week of no hunting - made the mistake of lunging Felix the other day and he practically turned cartwheels over me he was so full of himself...If all else fails at least you can count on our season going on long after the snow has finished so you will have to come visiting :-)