Tuesday, 14 February 2012


...is the only word to describe the response to the Rockley Scholarship post that I put up yesterday!  Thanks to all of you who shared the post or emailed it to friends - I am really hoping that the word is now out and that we will reach someone who needs the place and will make the most of it.

Of course I will post reminders about the closing date (16th April!) nearer the time but in the meantime, if you think your horse (or a friend's horse) might benefit, do get an application in :-)

Despite all yesterday's excitement over the scholarship, the routine here carried on much as usual, with a new horse arriving and me already well behind on uploading footage of Georgia, Bryan and Nico(!)...

The new boy has come from Wales - our first Welsh rehab, or at least the first to arrive from there - and is the latest in the long line of Baileys.  First there was Andy's Bailey, then Bailey Whitworth and now Bailey Griffiths!  His photos and footage will be on a blog post of their own, probably tomorrow, but he has settled in well so far and is taking everything in.

Nico's owner, Emma, came to visit him on Sunday and we managed to finally take some footage of him on a circle.  Unfortunately, though Nico has been here for nearly 12 weeks, I've failed utterly to get any earlier footage on a circle.  In fact, through December and January the weather was so wet that the only filming that could be done was in the barn but surely it will start to improve from now on?

As it is, you will simply have to take Emma's and my word for it that Nico has improved tremendously, particularly over the last 3-4 weeks.  When I first put him on a circle he was so weak on his RF that he was unlevel on that leg even on the left rein.

Three weeks ago, when Emma last saw him, she described him as still around 3/10 lame on the right rein.  Fast forward to Sunday and another level of improvement, though he is far from perfect.   Bear in mind, though, that he still only has half a good foot and should strengthen further over the next 3 months.

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