Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Solar flares

A quick update on Solar, whose owner is coming down to see him on Thursday.  When he arrived he had been lame for some time  - his worst foot was his RF which he pointed continually. 
His owner had been told that he was simply pointing out of habit but her gut instinct was that it was a symptom of a bigger problem - and of course she was right.  
Solar has now been here for 6 weeks and I am glad to say that his stance is much improved. 
This was his problem foot - RF - on day one with some interesting medio-lateral balance issues and event lines. 
This is still a pretty strange looking hoof but its improving and as you can see from the lines, the changes are happening quite quickly.  More importantly, his landing is significantly better than it was when he arrived.  He has been helped by the fact that his caudal hoof was already robust so it was relatively easy for him to start to land better.


Val said...

Thanks for the update.

What makes him point the foot? Just general discomfort?

cptrayes said...

I think we sent her in your direction from HHO, didn't we? She posted worried about the pointing and it's clear that she was right. Tetley also used to point constantly and I was told it was nothing. But it was, he too stood straight after a few weeks without shoes on.


ps love the witty title!