Friday, 16 December 2011

Paddy power!

Today's post celebrates a milestone - yesterday marked 6 weeks since Paddy's colic surgery and after 6 weeks of box-rest and in hand grazing he is finally allowed to be turned loose! So here he is with Felix in our smallest paddock, a tiny triangle of grass below the barn.   
Paddy being Paddy, he fortunately wasn't interested in flinging himself about - and of course Felix is a very steadying influence at times like these - and I'd introduced him to the paddock before by bringing him in there to graze, so when I eventually took his head-collar off he barely noticed the change.
Its a huge step forward and means he can now be gradually introduced back onto the tracks and the rest of the gang.  They've been able to chat to him over his door all the way through, which I think has helped keep him calm and cheerful, but it will be nice for him to mix with them properly again.
Of course this also means that Paddy is rejoining the world of work...shhhhh...we are breaking the news to him gently.... ;-)


jenj said...

Yay Paddy! I'm sure he won't even mind the work so much if he gets to hang out with his buddies again!

Clare said...

Wonderful news! Go Paddy :-)