Thursday, 22 December 2011

Rehab roll-call

The last year has been an exciting and busy one at Rockley and I wanted to devote one blog post before Christmas to all the fabulous rehab horses who have come and gone during 2011.  I miss them all when they leave, but the RRR last September was a wonderful chance to catch up with everyone - perhaps we will do it again in 2012...!
So, let's start with a suitably snowy picture of the cheeky boys...
and Solomon (butter wouldn't melt, of course, in either case)
The very beautiful Isha
Dear old Ginger, looking gorgeous in his summer coat
Patsy, posing among the trees
Dilly, naturally right next to...
the glamorous Oscar
Zan, our long-stayer, now doing well back home in Herts
Lucy, the aspiring event horse
Harvey, the first of this year's quarter horses
Saffy, big, beautiful and bouncy, the second KWPN of the year
The Mighty - and the Original - Flynn
Lenny..ssh, don't disturb
Dillon - forever known as "Dillon with the wedges"
 Pocholo, our smart Spanish visitor
Gorgeous George aka Black Beauty
Nicky, another QH and a very elegant one - the smallest rehab horse to date, together with the biggest one...
Taz, the ex-showjumper (on the left in this pic) who stands a full up 17.2hh
Lovely Paul, who made a short return visit in the autumn
Paddy - who caused me serious sleepless nights by having colic surgery in November...
Flynn the Second, another eventer to be - here learning about water!
Mr Knightley, who flew in all the way from Dubai and who hasn't let the weather put him off
Thomas, another pocket rocket but with potentially great feet...
Solar, who I am glad to say rarely stands like this after being here for 4 weeks!
Ted, our most recent QH arrival, who came with particularly special shoes on...
and last but not least, Nico, who beneath all this has a really nice set of hooves. 
Its been a privilege to be involved with such lovely horses and such dedicated owners for the last year - if 2012 is anything like as good, it will be something to look forward to!


sarahh said...

Wow, that certainly sums up what a busy year you've had for rehabs!

Lucie said...

Wow what a number of horses (and owners!) youve helped this year!! :)

Merry Christmas Nic :)

jenj said...

How COMPLETELY AMAZING is it that you took in so many chronically lame horses and send them home SOUND to return to work! I'll toast to that, and hope that 2012 brings continued success!

Unknown said...

Hi Nic,
Very Merry Xmas from myself, Kingsley and Pocholo :) Hope there will be many RRR of all kinds!
Have a wonderful time and I am sure there will be other amazing stories to follow on here in 2012.

All the best,

Dare Gothic Clothing said...

Gorgeous! Such a lovely heart warming memory fest :) Isha would just like to say a very merry Xmas, she is of course doing fantastically and we are off in the trailer the day after boxing day to explore a big woodland in Bodmin as our Xmas adventure - lots of tracks to rock crunch over :) I shall send pics :) Thank you again for giving me and Isha such a fabulous past year. You did a wonderful remarkable job with her... it is fantastic to have her at home this Christmas, although I think she preferred all your snow to all my mud!

Nic Barker said...

Happy Christmas to you all, and of course to all your gorgeous beasties :-) I will look forward to the pics, Fayley - you get fantastic ones usually! No more snow up here now, just water and mud!

amandap said...

Fantastic! Hope you have another busy year in 2012 and lots more happy horses and relieved happy owners.

Happy Christmas to all. x