Thursday, 14 April 2011

Party on! Rehab reunion is GO!

A few of us have been talking about having a reunion here at Rockley for all the former rehab horses (and of course their owners!).
We thought it would be fun to all get together - lots of owners now know each other via the internet but have never met face to face as everyone is in different parts of the country.  I'd love to see all the old rehab boys and girls again - it was wonderful to see Lex last week and I can't think of anything better than getting lots of the horses back here and seeing how they are all doing :-)
We needed a date that (I hope) will be after our hay has been made and so I thought the 9th/10th/11th September might be the best bet.  With a bit of luck, the weather will be nice (just like the photos!) so that we humans can have picnics and BBQs and hardy souls who are too tough for BandBs can camp in the fields.   The horses who know each other can go out together and have their own reunions, and there should be lots of boxes available as well.
There will of course be lots of riding out opportunities and there should be the chance to go hunting for those who are that way inclined :-)
Provided we have managed to get all the grass cut, the XC jumps will also be available - again, for anyone that way inclined - and in an ideal world, I would like Wiola here too, to give a few lessons to those who'd like it (me included!), and Susi to give a draw-on-a-horse anatomy session, but I haven't asked them yet so we will have to see :-)
Those of you who can come, either comment on here, email me or send me a message on Facebook, and if you've got suggestions for other "activities", lets have them - over 3 days we should be able to do lots of different things, and the more the merrier!  It would be brilliant to see everyone again :-)
If we are really organised, lots of you should be able to share transport and accomodation, which would keep costs down, and we can talk about how best to sort out food, drink and other practicalities nearer the time :-)  Go on, you know you want to...!

Lainey and Bailey are in, and bringing a HUGE tent so will have space.   
Cristina and Frankie are in and will have some space in the lorry coming from Herts :-)  
Lucie and Solomon are in - coming from Bucks.   
Hannah and Patsy are in as long as they can share transport from the NE...  
Danielle and Ginger are looking to share transport from the NW...
Chris and Lex are in, but only coming from down the road ;-)
Kate and Storm are in, travelling from Dorset
Fayley and Isha are in, coming up from Cornwall
Clare and Paulie are coming from Glos
Catherine is coming from Yorkshire
Kelly and Dex are in, coming from south Devon
Sam Beckett will be around to take photos and video :-)
Also hoping to get my brother down  - ace fire-pit builder and owner of a monster sound system!


Lucie said...

Sounds AMAZING!!! I am definitely up for that :D
Would be lovely to put some faces to names :) (people and ponies!!)

Han said...

I'd love to do it... If anyone could share transport from the north of England? :) Would prob be a bit too far/expensive to come on my own though :(

I'm gonna miss my monthly trips to Exmoor!

Cristina said...

Please don't let Frankie see those pictures of horses lying down or he will get the idea that that's what he will be doing all weekend.

The other day I left him looking over the door to get my grooming kit and tack, came back to find him lying down.

Unknown said...

Shame that's one of the weekends already booked here :( I hope you all have fun and lots of learning too!

Unknown said...

Awww I was hoping to join in whenever this was arranged but this is one of the already booked dates here :(

Have fun and learn loads!

jenj said...

Sounds like a fantastic time! And I love the pic of all the ponies out snoozing in the grass - very cute!

Nic Barker said...

Cristina - you know exactly what he will do when he arrives, don't you?! I'll be sure to have his old room ready for him :-)

Patrice - what a shame - I would have loved to get you down :-( Let me know asap if your other commitment cancels, won't you?

Jen, be sure there will be photos galore after that weekend!

Dare Gothic Clothing said...

Isha and I will definitely be coming :)
I would love to lift share if there is anyone coming from SW, I am happy to pick up on the way on the rare chance that anyone is coming from the Cornwall end of the world!
Yay! :)

Unknown said...

All dates in the Diary and happy to teach :)

Nic Barker said...

Better and better :-)

Unknown said...

Another shame as I'm sure I'd love to meet Wiola. I'm sure my dates for that weekend won't open up as they are my twice yearly training with Charles de Kunffy.

The Friday is doable though if that's of use for horses and riders. We could do a combo of in hand and take it to the saddle....

Nic Barker said...

That's a great idea, Patrice - I will sound people out about Friday, though I guess some will spend most of the day travelling, but there may well be enough of us for a good session :-)

Cristina said...

That's a good point about travel days. I was assuming I might travel down the day before and arrive evening so me and frankie get a nice rest and are ready to do stuff bright and early on friday.
If I'm picking up people then with detours and loading could be 6 or 7 hours.

Nic Barker said...

I was thinking more about those coming from oop north, C - if people can get down on Thurs pm even better :-) For you, I think if you are giving people a lift best thing is for them to meet at your yard (unless they are en route, of course) - you don't want to be making detours round the M25 in a lorry :-0 !!

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