Thursday, 7 April 2011

Good ol' boys

I had a reminder from a concerned person that they hadn't heard any news about Ginger!  Quite rightly they were wondering how he was doing, and I realised that though I've had a couple of emails from Danielle, his owner, one arrived when I was in Poland and the other when my email was down, so poor Ginger missed out on his blog 5 minutes of fame!
Ginger is a good example of a horse who has gone home part way through his rehab - he was here for 3 months and had grown just about half a good foot when he left.  He was very happy hacking out on good ground, was fine on the roads but was still short-striding in trot in the school.  He is an older horse (now 18) and has a touch of arthritis as well as his caudal hoof problems, so it was a case very much of letting him work to his own comfort level.

Ginger is now regularly going on 5 mile hacks and is loving cantering along the verges and he has also improved in the school.  He wasn't formally assessed for Project Dexter because the vet who saw him just before he came to Rockley was a different vet from the one who originally diagnosed his lameness, but the feedback from her is positive:

"Louisa [his vet] has just been to give Ginger his 2nd injection and she is really happy with how he is looking... She said he looks very comfortable from that crippled horse she saw in December!"

Our other "old boy" from last year is Lexus, who came here just over a year ago.  He is now 20 and is coming back to Rockley today for a celebratory hack out - photo of him below looking FANTASTIC and he went brilliantly as well, stomping over all the stony tracks that he once found difficult :-)

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