Sunday, 3 April 2011

Kingsley - onwards and upwards

So much to blog about, so little time...!

Wiola keeps updating her blog with more news of Kingsley - this was a lovely post from earlier in the week, for anyone who might have missed it:

and there is a new one with hoof photos as well:

The whole issue of straightness and correct biomechanics is something that I think will continue to fascinate me for years to come.  Every horse teaches you something new but Kingsley is a whole advanced textbook on crookedness, how it manifests, how to correct it and how feet affect bodies and vice versa :-)

I think if Wiola and I had our time with him again we would have tried to get footage every week as it would have made a fascinating compilation.

The articles she lists in the blog, particularly Deb Bennett's "Lessons from Woody" are well worth reading as well - thanks to Susanna Malkakorpi for putting that link up on Facebook :-)

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