Monday, 21 June 2010

Storm update - the photos

Storm's left front after 4 weeks
Storm's left front on arrival a month ago

I posted Storm's footage here on Friday: and both his owner and I think he has made progress over the last month.

Over the weekend, I took photos of his hooves, and it became much clearer just why he is landing better - his caudal hoof has beefed up (technical term ;-) considerably, particularly the frog.

What you can't see from this photo is that his frog is now actively weightbearing; when he arrived, when you laid a rasp across his hoof the frog was well below his heel buttress but now heel buttress and frog are almost level.

Its very ironic that some of the typical treatments for his type of condition (a serious DDFT lesion) try to relieve the caudal hoof, whereas in fact with these injuries the caudal hoof is always weak, under-utilised and desperately needs to strengthen...More on that tomorrow!

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