Thursday, 3 June 2010

Funding more MRIs

One of the things I've been wanting to incorporate into Project Dexter is follow-up MRIs on horses who've been rehabbed here. Up to now, its been both practically difficult, because the few practices who have MRI scanners are a very long way away, and prohibitively expensive.

We have had several horses through Project Dexter who have been MRI-ed as part of their original diagnoses and its usually paid for by the insurance. Of course, once a horse is sound and back in work, there is no question of getting a second MRI done, so we've not been able to fully document what has happened with these horses.

However, on my trip to see Bobby and Paul on Tuesday, I also went to see Ollie Crowe, Paul's vet, who works at Willesley Equine Clinic. They will next year have the facilities to offer MRIs, and are only a couple of hours from Rockley.

Even more excitingly, they have agreed in principle to help us apply for funding to provide MRIs both before and after rehab for a limited number of horses. Of course, its a long way off and we may not even get the funding, but its another potential step in the right direction...

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