Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Paul and Bobby update

I went to see both Bobby and Paul yesterday, which was lovely use for a miserable day - all the horses here had the day off, so it worked really well!

Bobby has settled back into his old yard and all his equine and human friends were evidently delighted to see him back on Sunday. His vet kindly agreed to be there as well, so we could have a really good chat about his feet and make a plan with his owners about how to take him forward over the next 3-4 months. Although he is finding stony ground tricky at the moment (because of sole damage on his LF caused by old nail damage - long story!), his vet was pleased with how well he was moving and as well as his front limb lameness being much improved, his RH lameness has come right as well, a combination of her previous treatment and the work we were able to do with him here once he was more comfortable in front.

I then went off to see Paul, whom I hadn't seen since he left in February. He has changed from his hairy winter woolly self into a sleek and extremely smart bright bay - almost unrecognisable (!).

Although he and Clare haven't had an entirely straightforward Spring, with very rich grass and a nasty accident causing them some problems, he is looking superb at the moment and moving absolutely beautifully - in fact I have a suspicion he was showing off... It was fantastic to see them both so happy, and long may that continue :-)

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