Friday, 12 March 2010

"Thin soles"

These are shots of the same sole, the lower photo being the day he arrived for rehab, and the upper photo taken yesterday, when he had been here just over 5 weeks.

If you look at the collateral grooves, either side of the frog, you can see that on arrival they were very shallow, and have now deepened considerably. This is a good indication that his sole is correspondingly increasing in depth and thickness, and is now providing much more protection for the pedal bone.

People often talk about horses having "thin soles" as if its some sort of pre-determined life sentence. These photos show how quickly horses can grow thicker soles IF we only give them the chance.

Funny old thing, their frogs and heels improve as well...


cptrayes said...

That's what Campero is doing too, he's just a few weeks and a track system behind! Isn't it marvellous!!


Nic Barker said...

There is nothing better than watching a lame horse become sounder :-) or are we just sad hoof anoraks?!