Monday, 1 March 2010

"Sharp" horses

Something I've observed with the horses who come here as rehabs is that occasionally they seem to change in ways other than their feet.

For instance, Dexter, Hector and Angel were all described as "sharp" on arrival but became progressively more and more relaxed. You could certainly describe Dex and Hex as "forward-going" once they were sound again, but you wouldn't honestly say much more than that - although Hex as we know can be opinionated out hunting, from time to time(!)...

You could hardly think of a less appropriate description of Angel now than "sharp". "Placid" would be nearer the mark, although the sudden appearance of a herd of cows, or a day's hunting can tip him into "forward-going" mode.

Bearing in mind that all these horses had long-term foot pain, and almost certainly related shoulder and back pain, you have to suspect that the "sharpness" was in fact a reaction to discomfort or anticipated pain, since it reduced or disappeared completely once they had healthier hooves.


Clare said...

Ha, you kept your age quiet didn't you! Happy 40th! ;-)

Don't I just know what you mean about being sharp. Paulie is so chilled out now the poor pony must have been in a bit of pain. He doesn't bat an eyelid at changing his rugs anymore (or try and bite me):-D which is a relief.

Nice to see the new boy's progress.

Unknown said...

Does that mean Bobby will become even more laid back!!

Happy 40th!

Nic Barker said...

Thanks guys, and glad P is such a happy chap :-)

Andrea, I hope Bobby won't chill out any more - he would barely get out of bed in the morning if that was the case! Luckily lots of horses don't change :-)

cptrayes said...

Campo is "girthy" and I am expecting that might change. We'll see.