Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Over 2000 miles!

We had a beautiful day on Saturday, after a week of almost non-stop rain (which has turned the fields back into swamps and thoroughly depressed livestock and people alike); it was warm AND sunny - a perfect Exmoor day, when there seemed no better place in the world to be :-)

I hunted Angel, and friends visiting from up country hunted Felix and Charlie, so we had a lot of fun. Angel is now so good that he is a pure pleasure to take out, even over bad ground, and even though he hasn't got the incredible level of core fitness fit that the other two have; he has made incredible progress over the short time since January.

Felix and Charlie were just delighted to be hunting, as always, and gave the visitors a lovely day, or so they said - horses and riders all came home very happy, at all events.

It was a fairly steady day yesterday, and we did just over 20 miles - the GPS batteries died at 19.5 miles, so I had to guesstimate the final total, but it was somewhere around the 22 mile mark.

In total, the horses have now done over 2000 miles this season, all told - impressive, I think! If we hadn't had such severe weather from Christmas onwards, the total would be much higher, but there are still several weeks to go before the end of the season so the final figure will be higher again.

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